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 Chocolate Dragees - Sugarbonen

Online Price



Sugarbonen are almond shaped candy: Sugar coating with dark belgium chocolate inside. There are three coatings that you can order. The regular sugarbonen, which has a matte finish, the gold sugarbonen, which is gold or silver foil covered, and the deluxe sugarbonen, which has a pearled finish (satin looking).   There are approximately 200 pieces per box of the sugarbonen (2 pounds).
The no coffee beans are belgian milk or dark chocolate with a slight coffee extract and a thin sugar crust in the shape of a coffee bean.
If you would like more than one color of the sugarbonnen, please put the different colors in the comment field below. Only 1 color per box.   Price is per box of sugarbonen.

Color shades will not be exactly as the colors on your moniter. We don't guarantee exact color matching.
Color names are starting from top left down and then top right and down.
Dark Grey -Mandarin -Orange- Black -Stone Red - White w/ red spots -Red -Christmas Green -Green -Vieux Rose -Olive Green- Light Green- Hunter Green -Light Grey -Dark Yellow -Light Yellow- Blue Spruce- Terracotta- White -Burgundy- Ivory -Mocha -Light Brown -Medium Brown- Dark Brown -Dark Blue- Natural Blue -Light Blue -Turquoise- Pink -Teal -Royal Purple -Salmon -Light Mauve -Dark Mauve- Light Purple- Dark Purple -Gold/Silver Pearls -Silver Foil -Gold Foil -No Coffee Beans- Satin Dark Blue -Satin Red -Satin Dark Green -Satin Purple- Satin Burgundy -Satin Bronze- Satin Violet -Satin Lilac -Satin Grey -Satin Turquoise -Satin Hot Pink- Satin Peach -Satin Pink- Satin Light Blue -Satin Light Yellow- Satin Ivory -Satin Lt. Green -Satin White

If you would like more than one color of the sugarbonnen, please put the different colors in the comment field below. Only 1 color per box.

1-Pink Shining  2-Light Pink Shining  3-Antique Pink Shining  4-Pink Satin  5-Black Shining  6-Dark Blue Matte  7-Dark Blue Satin  8-Jeans Shining  9-Light Blue Matte  10-Light Blue Shining  11-Royal Blue Shining  12-Sky Blue Shining  13-Turquois Shining  14-Bronz Satin  15-Khakis Shining   16-Chocolate Shining  17-Dark Brown Matte  18-Dark Olive Brown Matte  19-Light Brown Matte  20-Medium Brown Matte  21-Mocha Shining  22-Christmas Green Matte  23-Dark Green Satin  24-Dark Green Shining  25-Grass Green Shining  26-Green Matte  27-Hunter Green Matte  28-Kelly Green Shining  29-Lime Shining  30-Pistachio Shining  31-Olive Green Matte  32-Sea Green Satin 33-Sea Green Shining  34-Dark Grey Matte  35-Grey Satin  36-Mandarin Matte  37-Orange Shining  38-Peach Satin  39-Dark Mauve Matte  40-Dark Mauve Satin  41-Dark Mauve Shining  42-Dark Purple Matte  43-Grape Matte  44-Royal Purple Shining  45-Lilac Matte  46-Light Mauve Matte  47-Light Mauve Shining  48-Light Purple Matte  49-Plum Shining  50-Plum Matte  51-Purple Satin  52-Violet Satin  53-Burgundy Satin  54-Burgundy Matte  55-Bourdeax Shining  56-Fucshia Shining  57-Red Matte  58-Velvet Red Shining  59-Wine Red Satin  60-Terracota Matte   61-Canary Shining  62-Light Yellow Matte  63-Yellow Matte  64-Yellow Satin  65-Honey Satin  66-Camel Satin  67-Camel Shining  68-Stone Red Matte  69-White Satin  70-Ivory Satin



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