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 Barley Candy - Small Assortment (20 - 39 grams)

Online Price



These are some of the most beautiful and delicious barley candies that you will ever have. These are perfect for wedding favors, bridal shower favors, and baby shower favors.  The craftsmanship is magnificant, to say the least. The pictures do not do them justice. They are made from barley sugar.
3 week lead time
Price is per favor.  Must order in increments of 100 per assortment.  If you want two assortments, you must order 200 and so on.  We can fax or email assortments if you would like to see them.

What is Barley Candy?
Twisted sticks of Barley Sugar were originally made in the 17th century by boiling down cane sugar with barley water, water, and cream of tartar. During the 18th century, metal molds were used to create the wonderful variety of shapes known as Barley Sugar Clear Toys. These became a popular Christmas treat. Adding corn syrup, and omitting cream of tartar to the Barley Sugar recipe forms Barley Candy. This addition increases the stability of our candy enabling us to add a wonderful variety of natural flavors; It increases the durability, by reducing "sugaring" (a clouding of the surface brought on by warm and humid weather) and prevents liquefying (a common difficuldy with other types of lollypop). The addition of barley to our candy alters the surface tension of the syrup. So Barley Candy is a remarkably soothing, transparent, and long lasting hard candy.

The best flavors available have been selected to use in making the Barley Candies. Whenever possible, we use natural flavors. Artificial flavors are only included by request. You may choose to order the "standard assortment" of the "most popular" flavors, "all fruit flavors", or "all one flavor". Exotic flavors or "customized assortments" are available at the custom price. Assortments vary slightly - not all flavors will always appear in every order. Inclusion of specific flavors is subject to availability. Shade of color will vary slightly, even for custom color assortments as all of the candies are made individually by hand.
A=Artificial E=Exotic N=Natural

Anise N Cranberry-Apple N Passion Fruit N
Apple N Cranberry-Orange N Peach N
Apple-Cranberry N Fruit Punch N Peppermint N
Delicious Apple N Ginger N Pear N
Spiced Apple N Grape N Pina Colada N
Apricot N Grapefruit N Pineapple N
Banana N Guava N & E Quince N
Blackberry N Honey N Black Raspberry N
Blueberry N Honey Dew Melon A Red Raspberry N
Brandy N & E Kiwi N Root Beer N
Butterscotch N Lemon N Rum N
Cantaloupe A & E Lemon-Lime N Spearmint N
Cherry N Lime N Strawberry N
Maraschino Cherry A Malt N & E Sweet Birch N
Wild Cherry A & E Mango N & E Sarsaparilla A & E
Chocolate N Maple N Tangerine N
Chocolate-Mint N Marshmallow N Tea N
Cinnamon N Mocha N Tropical Fruit N
Citron N & E Nectarine A Tutti Frutti A
Clove N Nutmeg N Vanilla N
Coffee N Orange N Watermelon N
Coconut N Orange-Pineapple N Wintergreen N
Cranberry N Papaya N


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