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 Custom Embossers and Stamps

Online Price



Custom embossers and custom stamps are the perfect wedding gift, bridal party gift, or housewarming gift.  They can be used for save the date invitations and on wedding favors.  The custom embossers and stamps can be used on thank you notes also.  These personalized embossers and personalized stampers are so unique.  There are so many unique designs to choose from.  These are also great for realtors to give as a thank you gift to their clients.    Personalized embossers and stampers ship in 10 business days.  Designs have "ALL CAPS" outside  Inside as Shown -- Emboss 28 lb paper & light cardstocks.  Custom Embossers Orientation:  Bottom are used for envelopes, notes  Top are used for stationery.  Black ink is always included with the personalized stamps.  You can purchase a second ink cartridge.  2 color ink cartridges do not work with these designs:  Book, Garden, McKay, Pineapple, Spoons, Whisks, & Antique Monos
Stamps  $40  Embossers   $60  Embosser Seals  72/package  $9  Stamp Notecards 10/package $11.50  Stamper Centering Block $7.50

Click to view notecard designs

Impression size: Custom Stamps: 1.63" & Custom Embossers: 1.46"                 
Character limits:  Stamps:  55 - outside  Embossers:  50 outside - 12 inside  (if you submit over the limit, we will still make it, but we are NOT responsible for the result!)  Please note that eventhough the character limits are unlimited for the stamps, the more characters you have, the smaller the text, which makes it harder to read.        

Grammer:  Plural vs. Possessive (no apostrophe 's' necessary):                                            
The Smiths:  Plural, meaning more than one Smith;  use this for most occasions                   
The Smiths'  Plural & Possessive, showing ownership;  use this when adding an object or place to own (The Smiths' Cabin)

Abbreviation & Periods                                                                                                         
With long addresses, abbreviate using the 2 state code (GA, MD, NY), also use Dr & Ave to help cut down on characters                                                                                                     Spell out short states & street directionals to add a little room (North, Street, Drive)           Use periods equally - if you put one with N. use one with Dr.  For a cleaner look, don't use them at all

For your personalization:  Add the personalization in the comment box below.  Please add it in this format:  Center initial/text:  A/Emily   Top:  Mary Stevens  Bottom:  78 Main Street - Littleton - CO - 80123                                                                                                      
Repeating - If you select yes for repeating text, text will repeat all the way around (like Gillian example).    Text - Divider marks will be used according to design (dashes vs. dots). 

personalized embossers and stamps


Custom Stamps & Embossers


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