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Baby Shower Games

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Baby shower games are a must!  We have really cute baby shower games.  Your guests will have fun while trying to win.  Make sure that purchase some cute prizes, such as our hankies or candles.

Baby Maze Baby Shower Game
A "MAZE" ing Baby ~ An original baby shower game idea! The concept is simple...

Ready - Set - Go....The first one through the A "MAZE" ing Baby WINS!!!! Great baby shower activity your guests will enjoy playing - HOW FUN!  Each game has a set of 20 cards.  Each card size is 5x7.    Price is per set of baby shower maze game.

Price: $11.99
Baby Shower Bingo
Baby shower bingo is so much fun. These are just like regular bingo, but with fun baby phrases. A great baby shower game. The best thing is that they are not expensive. There are 23 bingo cards and 1 card that you cut the different words to call out. You can use stickers or just a pen for your guests to mark their cards.

Price: $3.99
Baby Shower Game Book
This game book makes it really easy to have fun games at the baby shower. You don't have to worry about formatting to puzzles and games and then printing them. There are 4 different games and enough for 8 guests. Answers are included. The baby shower game book measures 5-3/4" x 7-1/2". Make sure that you order the personalized pens. You can have those as favors as well as use them with the games. Your guests will love them!

Price: $3.50
Baby Shower Napkin Trivia Game
Baby shower napkin trivia game is everyone at the party gets a napkin and opens it to find a questionnaire about the Mom and Dad-to-be, and of course, baby. When everyone has answered the questions, the Mom-to-be has to reveal the correct answers to everyone at the party! Winner of the baby shower napkin trivia game gets to baby-sit the little one first! The baby shower napkin trivia game is lots of fun!  Price is per pack of 24 baby shower napkins.

Price: $5.00
Baby Shower Planning Kit
Planning a baby shower? Click on the link below for all of the help that you will need. Great tips for food and fun with this baby shower planning kit.

Price: $0.00

Baby Shower Scratch-Off Game
Baby Shower Scratch Off Game will add instant fun to every baby shower! This unique, easy and fun activity will be a hit at your next baby shower. The object is to scratch the silver area to see what Baby needs to stop crying. The host will supply a prize to the person who got the “Mommy, of course!” card. The losing variations are a noisy rattle, favorite storybook, fresh bottle, snuggly teddy bear or a clean diaper. Each package contains 25 cards per package (24 losing cards and one winning card). The winning card is always the first card in each pack. Shuffle before playing. Purchase multiple packs for larger parties. These cards can be placed at each place setting or use them as a lottery for the diaper fund or jackpot for the winner. This is something different from your traditional baby shower games.

Price: $11.95
Baby Shower Unscramble Game
Baby "FIRSTS" are memorable first time events in a babies life! Great game for your guests to race to unscramble these baby "firsts". This baby shower game can challenge even the best of us! Great baby shower activity your guests will enjoy playing!  There are 20 baby scramble games per set.  Each card is 5x7.

Ways to play:
The guest who figures out all of the words first.... WINS!!
Or some people play it by setting a designated time and the most correct in that time frame.... WINS!!!!

Price: $11.99
Baby Shower Word Search
This classic baby shower word search have been enjoyed through the years.  Your guests will enjoy playing this game at your baby shower.  Your guests will love finding the baby words and if they're lucky find our "Mystery Word" too!!   Price is per set of 20 baby shower word search puzzles.

Price: $10.95
Baby Soft Moments Shower Game Book
This really pretty pastel baby shower game book features a cute baby bottle and blanket. This baby shower game book has 10 games for up to 12 people. Some of the games include, The big no-no, toilet paper diaper, the memory game, pass the string, baby bingo and get the picture. This baby shower game book makes it really easy to have games at the baby shower without spending so much time formatting the games and copying and cutting. Finally, the easy way. Price is per baby shower game book.

Price: $3.50
Bedtime Bear Baby Shower Bingo
This really cute baby shower bingo game is perfect for all types of baby showers. There are so many cute and cuddly images. Each baby shower bingo game set includes 8 bingo boards, 16 bingo calling cards, and bingo markers. The bingo cards measure 7" x 6". Price is per set of baby shower bingo for up to 8 players.

Price: $3.50
Clothespin Game
The clothespin game is an easy game that everyone can play.  CLOTHESPINS - Cute Animal Characters - Classic Baby Shower Game ~ Give each guest a clothespin when they arrive and explain the rules to them. If you say "BABY" and someone hears you, that person gets your clothespin. At the end of the shower, the person with the most clothespins is the WINNER!!

Game variation: You can also play another way. Everyone watches to see if anyone crosses their arms or legs during the shower. The person that catches anyone doing that gets their clothespin.

The Clothespin Baby Shower Game will have 24 assorted colors of clothespins (pastel-like colors: pink, blueish/lavender, green, yellow). Size of each animal clothespin is approx. 2".  Price is per clothespin baby shower game.

Price: $6.95
Dirty Diaper Game
This dirty diaper game is cute!  Your guests will actually love it.  Price is per dirty diaper game.  Don't forget to order the prizes for your games.

How to play:
*Pin a diaper on each guest as they arrive.
*When you are ready to play, have guest look inside their diapers.
*The guest who receives the "Dirty Diaper" is the WINNER!

The "Dirty Diaper" Game - Each Game has 10 Diapers
Each game has 1 "Dirty" Diaper" and 9 "Non-Dirty" Diapers. The "dirty diaper" has a small amount of brown fabric paint inside to truly look like poopey. Size of each diaper is approximately 1.75" wide x 2" tall. The dirty diaper is identified in the package.

Price: $11.95
Helpful Hints Advice Cards
These helpful hint advice cards are perfect for first time, second time, and third time parents.  You can never have enought helpful advice.  Each guest writes down their helpful hint advice for the new mommy and daddy!. It is a cutsy card keepsake to treasure for years to come! Have your guests write any advice to the new parents on how to handle their new bundle of joy! Size of each card is appx. 3.5" x 5.5".  Each pack has 20 cards printed on card stock in adorable colors.  Price is per pack of helpful hint advice cards.

Helpful Hint Advice Card Reads:

Mommy + Daddy = Me

Above the baby it says:
Mommy and Daddy are new parents, you see, so please give hints on how to raise me!

To the new Mommy and Daddy, here is my helpful hint for you:
Always here to help, ____________________________________

Price: $5.95
Is It Time? Did My Water Break Game
Is it time?  Did my water break?  It is just a great game for your baby shower.  Your guest will have a good time laughing with the mother to be.  Price is per is it time game with a set of 25 cards.

How to Play:
* Give each guest a card when ready to play.
* Lift the card and read what they say.
* The card is a winner if their water broke!
* The winner has the card that is no joke-
The guest is a winner if their water broke!

You'll read this to your guests when ready to play:
Laugh and have fun, it's a pregnant woman joke!
About how we wonder if your water has broke!
Questioning if either your bladder gave way,
Or if you're having a baby? Today is the day!

Game Contains: 25 "Is It Time?" Cards:
1 Winning Card "My Water Broke" - (the TOP card in every pack)
24 "OOPS! False Alarm" Cards - (with humerous sayings in them).

An example of one of the OOPS False Alarm Cards:
"OOPS False Alarm!
Hee, Hee, Hee...
The jokes on me.
All this laughing made me pee!"

Price: $17.95
Itty Bitty Parts Baby Shower Game
A fun "new" Baby Shower Game idea using ULTRASOUND pictures! Itty Bitty Baby Parts© is a game that consist of different ultrasound images showing various parts of babies. Identifying these parts isn't always as easy as it may seem, and you will be surprised as to how mistaken your guests will be when identifying what's shown in the ultrasound image(s). Your friends and family will say some hilarious answers, you'll enjoy hearing the responses of the other players while they try to identify the images.

Itty Bitty Baby Parts baby shower game comes complete with 12 ultrasound picture cards, word lists(25 sheets for 25 guests), directions and answer page.  Price is per itty bitty baby parts baby shower game set.

Price: $16.99
My Water Broke Baby Shower Game
"My Water Broke" Baby Shower Game is a ton of fun. Each game comes with 16 plastic babies inside an ice cube tray and instructions. All you need is clear drinking glasses/cups and water. Babies are available in Caucasian or African American. This is very popular and a little extra fun for the shower!! Basic concept of the game: The first baby to "break free" out of the ice cube is the WINNER!!  Price is per my water broke baby shower game.

Price: $11.95
Pacifier Baby Shower Game
The Pacifier Necklace Baby Shower Game ~ Give each guest a beautiful pacifier necklace when they arrive and explain the rules to them. If you say "BABY" and someone hears you, that person gets your pacifier necklace. At the end of the shower, the person with the most necklaces is the WINNER!! Game variation: You can also play another way. Everyone watches to see if anyone crosses their arms or legs during the shower. The person that catches anyone doing that gets their pacifier necklace.

The Pacifier Necklace Baby Shower Game will have 12 assorted pastel colors of pacifier necklaces (yellow, pink and blue colors). Size of each plastic pacifier is appx 3" with long satin cords. This game arrives completely assembled so no work for you!! :) Simply hand a necklace to your guests and HAVE FUN!!!

Price: $15.99
Personalized Search-A-Word Puzzle
Let your guests enjoy a little 'Mr. & Mrs.' trivia while they wait at the reception or in their hotel room with these personalized search-a-word puzzles. You create the clues and they search for the answers. Great fun! The best thing about these personalized search-a-word puzzles is that they are all about you! These personalized puzzles measure 4.25" W x 5.5" L. You can choose different personalized puzzle shapes. If a shape that you desire is not listed, please inquire and we will let you know if it is available. 1 week lead time Minimum order is 12. Price is per personalized puzzle

Please email us 25-30 questions and answers for your puzzles.

Price: $1.25
Printable Baby Shower Games
Do you want to print your own baby shower games? Click on the link below to print your own. You can 't order these through this site. You will have to click on the link to order.

Price: $0.00

Stinky Poo Scratch Off Game
This funny game will definately get a reaction out your guests.  Make sure that you have the camera out!  Price is per pack of 20 scratch n sniff  stinky poo games.

Who Smells The Stinky Doo?
Our original creation using the classic idea of "SCRATCH 'N SNIFF"!

Game Contains 20 Scratch 'n Sniff Cards
*1 "Stinky" card
*19 "Baby Powder" Fresh Cards

How to Play
*Give each guest a card
*Have all players scratch 'n sniff the baby's diaper
*The player who smells the "STINKY" diaper is the winner!
(The winning piece is the first card in each pack)

Price: $14.95
Sweet Mess Diaper Baby Shower Game
Get the camera out!  This is a favorite of the group here.  The sweet mess diaper baby shower game is a "classic" baby shower game that has stood the test of time!! Oooeyyy gooeeyyy what is that pooeeyy?? Trust us when we say ~ you're guests will be a LAUGH'IN... :). (This game is great for baby showers of 50 guests or less).

Here's how the "SWEET MESS" game works:
1. Melt the mini candy bars inside the disposable diapers.
2. Pass diapers around to your guests and let them GUESS what the "sweet mess" is!
3. Look, smell, taste and LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH!!
The guest who correctly identifies the most "sweet mess" diaper/candy bar combos is the WINNER!

"Sweet Mess" Game Includes:
50 Player Sheets (for your guests to write their answers on
6 disposable diapers and 6 mini size candy bars (numbered 1-6)
Instruction sheet and answer sheet
All you need is a microwave and a tray to pass the diapers around and of course...A sense of HUMOR!  Price is per sweet mess baby shower game set.

Price: $17.95

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