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 Save the Date Invitation


Chocolate Bridesmaids Dolls   
 Baby Shower Favors - Onesie Sugar Cubes  Personalized Napkins, Boxe, Bags, Ribbons  

Now is the time to order your Save the date invitations, bridal shower favors and love themed favors.  Some of these are seasonal items that sell out quickly and will not be available until next year. Wedding favors are so much fun for everyone. We have favors ranging from elegant wedding favors and beach wedding favors to unique wedding favors of various themes. We also provide bridal shower favors , unique heart wedding favors and baby shower favors along with our bridal party gifts .Our wedding reception favors include cake tops and garden wedding favors.  We take wedding party favors seriously! We appreciate you visiting today, and look forward to having fun with you.

Wedding favors are the fun part of your wedding planning!  Favors do not have to be traditional.  Wedding Favors can be anything that reflects your style.  We have a large selection of bridal shower favors and wedding favors to help you make a memorable day!  Now that the date is set, wedding favors are a great way to say thank you to those sharing that day with you.  From the bridal party gifts to the wedding reception favors, we have a great selection.  From elegant wedding favors to beach wedding favors.  Or maybe a garden wedding?  We have garden wedding favors.  If you are having a wedding on the most romantic day of the year, we have heart wedding favors or how about romantic candle wedding favors?

Having a  Holiday Bridal Shower  or Bridal Shower Tea Party and looking for the perfect  Bridal Shower Favors, Bridal Shower Tea Party Favors or Glamour Girl or Girlfriend Favors?  We have them and now is the time to order your Bridal Shower Favors!  Some items are only available this time of the year and when they are gone, they are gone!

Elegant, nostalgic and Unique Wedding Favors will create great memories for you and your guests. The wedding favors you choose will give your reception that unique touch with our vast selection of wedding favors to choose from. Here, you will find a wonderful selection of Themed Wedding Favors that are not only perfect for weddings, but also, showers, parties, and corporate events. We carry a large selection of wedding favors that are perfect for themed events, such as the seashell candy and flip flop candles for beach theme wedding favors, or the blooming favors for   garden wedding favors . We also have party favors that can fit into any category, such as, the bubblegum buddies favors, which can be used for any event or theme.
We also carry a large selection of bath and body products that are great for anytime, gifts, or for that extra special touch for your honeymoon.                                                    

Looking for something unique to add that special touch to your reception?  How about our cute cake tops or wedding sugar sticks?  A new idea for guest books would be our guest book photo albums.  You just simply use a Polaroid camera and take photos of your guests as they enter and have them to sign the book.  So, no more wondering who is Glen Roberts.  Just look at the photo guest book.

What about announcement parties or after the wedding celebrations?  We have a nice selection of wedding party favors and placecard holders that would be great at engagement parties or bridal party luncheons.  There is a huge selection of baby shower favors for that bundle of joy.  From baby shower candles to baby shower candy.  

There is a large variety of wedding favors, cute bridal shower favors and baby shower favors to choose from.  Take your time and have fun.


What are some of the best selling wedding favors?   

Every wedding is as unique as every couple.  Wedding Favors by Escape Concepts has a huge selection of wedding favors, bridal shower favors, and baby shower favors.  Sometimes busy brides want to know what some of the best selling wedding favors are because she is running out of time and really don't want to spend the time searching for wedding favors.  That is ok because listed below are some of the best selling wedding favors that Escape Concepts has. 

Mini Adirondack Placecard / Favor Chairs

Seashell Candy for DIY wedding favors

Flip Flop Candles for beach themed wedding favors

Drop Tea Wedding Favors

Chocolate Puzzle Wedding Favors

Bubble Gum Buddies Wedding Favors

Sand Sugar Cookies Wedding Favors or Bridal Shower Favors

Personalized Conversation Hearts Candy


What are the different themed wedding favors?

Another popular trend for weddings is to have a theme wedding.  Themes can be based on anything!  The colors of your wedding, your favorite flower, your location, special songs, special time periods, seasons, holidays, events, etc.  We think that you get the idea!

Beach Themed wedding favors        Garden Themed wedding favors

Holiday Themed wedding favors      Western Themed wedding favors

Tropical Themed wedding favors     Fairy Tale Themed wedding favors

Asian Themed wedding favors        Golf Themed wedding favors

Heart Themed wedding favors        "Perfect Pair" Pear Themed wedding favors


What types of wedding favors or packaging is available for DIY?

We have many wedding favors that can complete a DIY wedding favor.  We have a wide selection of candle favors that can be added to personalized boxes or bags.  The soap wedding favors are really cute and would be an excellent choice to complete a gift basket.  The confetti gardenia favors  or long stemmed lollipops favors  can be added to a vase and can be used as a centerpiece.  The bulk candies are really beautiful and would add the "special touch" to all wedding favors.  There is a large selection of wedding favors packaging  for that unique item that you made for your guests!  The Personalized Conversation Hearts Candy is really cute and can be used in bags, boxes, or just on the tables as table decoration.


What types of favors are available for showers?

We have a complete line of favors that we have selected that would be great for baby and bridal showers.  Try our line of great sachets as shower favors for really close friends.  Some of thepersonalized wedding favors also make great shower favors.  If you have already selected your favors and want to package them, we have personalized boxes or bags .  Our pink monogram hankies,   dress hankies, and wedding hankies are great inexpensive favors for bridal showers.  If you are having a tea party shower, we have a large selection of tea party favors and gifts.  Some of the cutest tea favors for bridal showers would be the decorated sugar cubes.   There are several themes for the decorated sugar cubes:  purses and shoes decorated sugar cubes, flip flops decorated sugar cubes, 3-D purses and shoes decorated sugar cubes, & flowers decorated sugar cubes.  We also have purse shaped bath oil beads & shoe shaped bath oil beads.  You may want to select the imprinted napkins to personalized the event.  They are a really inexpensive way to to tie everything together because of the great color selection, clip art selection, and practicality. 


What types of wedding favors are available for small budgets?

Wedding favors do not have to be expensive to be "a really nice" wedding favor.  Escape Concepts have a variety of wedding favors that are inexpensive, yet expressive.  The bulk candy is a great way to budget.  Go to you local craft store and buy small cello bags, card stock and ribbon.  Put a couple of pieces of candy in the bags, print your names and date on the card stock and cut into squares, fold the squares, where your name is on the front.  Punch two holes into the paper and bags, thread the ribbon to tie a bow.    Simple, inexpensive, personalized wedding favor!  Really great personalized wedding favors that do not require any work, would be the personalized sodas.  They average about $2 each with shipping.  The personalized crossword puzzles and personalized search-word puzzles  are great wedding favors at a great price!  Use your wedding favors as a part of the table decorations to cut costs.  Put the flower pens or confetti daisies in a vase in the center of the table.  Instruct your guests to "pick one" at the end of the reception. Placecard holders are decorative, functional, and make great wedding favors.  How is it a wedding favor?  Placecard holders make great picture holders.  Your guests can take them home and put their favorite photo of you in the holder.  That way they will remember the wedding and see your smiling face.  Just be creative when you are choosing your wedding favors.  Always check the bargain basin for closeouts.


What types of wedding favors are recommended for splurging?

If you are having an intimate wedding or "this is my dream wedding", we have the perfect wedding favors for you.  Our Parisian Chair Sachets used as a placecard holders would be fabulous wedding favors!  Instruct your guests to "take a seat".  Who doesn't like chocolate covered strawberries?  Give each guest a box of our chocolate covered strawberries a wedding favors.  The Aroma Naturals Candles are great wedding favors!  They smell wonderful and burn 60 hours!  The drop tea and heart shaped sugar wedding favors are unique.  They will just gasp when they see them.

*Great items on sale in the Bargain Basin*

All sales, discounts, free shipping, etc. excludes, Sherri's Berries, Magazine Covers, Personalized Teddy Bears, PrePaid Phone cards, and Crane Invitations.

Prices effective 2007
Prices are subject to change without notice
Products are added frequently. Please call if you are interested in something that is not listed.
When will my order ship? Most off the shelf, stock products ship within 3 to 7 business days. This means if you order personalized, painted, handmade, etc. items, they may not ship within 3 to 7 business days. If a lead time is not stated, email. This does not include weekends and holidays. Choosing express shipping does not express the 3 to 7 business days, just the shipping time. Email to see if your items ordered can be shipped sooner IF your event is within a couple of weeks.


Adirondack Placecard or Favor Chairs


Candy Pebbles


Chocolate Puzzles - Wedding Car


Personalized Favor Pens - Bride & Groom


Purse Bath Beads


Sandcastle Favors - Fantasy Castle


Shoe Bath Oil Beads


Wedding Hankies

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